RAP Bank has regrettably closed :(

RAP Bank

RAP Bank has enjoyed helping affiliates earn income online, without owning a domain, hosting account or any sales software whatsoever for over 5.5 years.

RAP Bank received this 'Dear John' letter from two very invested souls...

Dear RAP Bank, It's been a blast being with you in both the best of times and the worst of times. We recall endless nights, fixing the inner-core of your being. Additionally, we enjoyed getting to know 1,000s and helping 10,000s of affiliates earn money with you. We can honestly say you've been our pride and lasting joy online for many years now.

But, times have changed...

You've become a bit too needy and a bit whiny. At times, your databases have shutdown and needed rebuilding at wee hours in the morning. Other times, you've left us feeling defeated and beaten.

We unfortunately have to make this the end of our relationship. And, this is 'Goodbye'. We do still love you, and we wish the best for you but we've found other loves.

With love, always!

Bill & Erin

FYI, RAP Bank will continue to honor your 'go' links (affiliate links - including list-n-earn products) until September 5, 2015.